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Q:Is it better to use motorcycle/car rather than commuting?
A: That would depend on the location and all of them have advantage and disadvantages. There are locations that are hard to access specially for four-wheel cars, on the other side it is convenient because no need to wait and the travel is more relaxing and you can bring a lot of things with you. Motorcycle can go through to any places you want because it small and you only need few liters of fuel rather than a car yet the capacity is 2-3 people and you have to suffer the heat of the sun throughout the journey. Lastly for commuters, it’s the most hassle way to travel because of looking for a ride and waiting and chances are the fare are way higher than your budget especially to those remote areas that needed to travel through habal-habal(kind of motorcycle). Overall it’s to you and your location on what is the best way to travel.
Q:Do we need reservation before going to the chosen location?
A:As much as possible yes, because most people tend to travel during holidays just like you, so you better ask for reservation with your friends/families or if you are still hesitant to the chosen day, you can simply inquire through call to the location to ask their peak days so that you will be aware and we will try our best to provide their phone number to you.
Q:Why is the budget that you suggest is different when we got there?
A:The budget that we suggested was the total expenses we spent during that moment and budget may vary time to time specially the fare, fuel and location’s fee since change is constant.
Q:Their contact info that you gave to us isn’t working.
A:We motorcyclist wanderer are not responsible for any wrong information that the places gave to us since we weren’t paid to endorse them, we do this as a hobby and we simply give information that was based on what we use during our travel.
Q:Do you offer services?
A: No, but we’re open for collaboration.
Q:Can we cancel your services that we choose?Is it refundable?
A: Yes,but it should be 3 days before the day of departure and only 75% of the total reservation fee is refundable.
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