Hillsview Mountain Villa

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Hillsview mountain villa is one of the most popular destination at Marilog District because the place is well facilitated and the view of the sunrise and mountain are priceless. This is a place that is perfect for couple, family, friends and solo-wanderers because you can enjoy, relax and take a good picture.

Hillsview started it’s business last 2016. Aside from this place there’s a lot of itinerary that you can enjoy along the way like Beth Haven and Bemwa Farm . We”ll give you some tips on how to get there.


From Davao City, you have to go to Ecoland terminal where there’s a lot buses going to different locations. From there, look for bus that is going to Cagayan De Oro(CDO) because it is one way going to Marilog District. Simply request to the driver or conductor to drop you off at the crossing going to Bemwa farm at Marilog. Bemwa farm is well-known location and most bus drivers knows it so this will be your land mark. Bemwa and Hillsview are  on the same road but Bemwa is nearer at the national highway rather than Hillsview. The fare is 150pesos(aircon) and 100pesos(regular bus) and the bus travel time is less than 2 hours.

For vehicle users we suggest to use GPS to locate the location.

This is where you should stop and from here take a habal-habal(public motorcycle) and request to drop you off at Hillsview Mountain Villa. The fare is 150 per head and it can fit up to maximum of 4 people. The travel time from national highway to hillsview would take 15-20minutes.

Note:Rough road ahead but still accessible for vehicle users and for commuters brace yourself because it will be a fun ride.

Parking lot for vehicle users.

Entrance Fee:
Daytour: 50 pesos

Overnight w/own tent:
200pesos tent space

Overnight w/out tent:
Rent of tent 500pesos

No corkage

Please take note that their restaurant is currently close since they are lacking of permit but don’t worry because you can still sleep here overnight. All you have to do is bring your own food and you can cook it on their kitchen or you can request for their staffs to cook it for you and just pay them for the labor. Payment  would depend on the food that they will cook.

If you don’t like to bring or rent a tent then you can choose and check-in on one of their rooms.

Room rates:(No particular order)

Good for 2 person:

Good for 4 person:

Good for 6 person:

Good for 8 person:

They also offer Prenuptial photoshoot and it can cost 2,500.

For more information about their updates and rates you can contact them at 0939 918 7195.

After you take photos inside the villa, you can check out the other attraction that is 3 minutes walk near hillsview. The name of it is Beth Haven. We highly suggest to check this when you’re about to go home.

Beth Haven has no other things to see aside to these 2 photos because they are currently working on it to improve. It is just the view that is worth 20pesos. The payment is for taking a step on their land since it is owned by locals in the area.

The last destination that we are proud to suggest is the Bemwa Farm.

Bemwa Farm is a farm of vegetable and some fruits like strawberry. It is one of the many direct suppliers of vegetable in Davao-Bukidnon region.

Bemwa farm is also along the way when you’re about to go home from the villa. The travel time is around 15 minutes from the villa and the good thing about here is that there is no entrance fee. You can take photos, check out their planted vegetables and crops but taking them is prohibited because they sell these vegetables in their own canteen.

They also have strawberry field but unfortunately, we weren’t able to check or have a look at it because they just planted it and it’s prohibited to enter the field as of that moment and it’s not their season yet.

If you are tired walking around the farm, you can take a rest and eat some meals that they offer at their restaurant. They have meat, soup, etc. but their best seller is the vegetable salad that is worth 100 pesos and this is already good for 2 person.

Marilog district has a lot of destination to be offered and Hillsview, Beth haven and Bemwa farm are just a few of them. It is some of many places that is starting to be discovered in the Philippines and we highly suggest to visit these places as soon as possible since it’s not that crowded yet.


Four-Wheel car(We used a car)
Fuel:800pesos(back and forth divide 3)
Food: 200 pesos each
Entrances: 70 pesos each
Our budget is around 540 pesos each.

Fuel: 500(divide the number of person)
Food: 200 pesos each
Entrances: 70 each
If you are planning to use motorcycle yo ushould have a budget of 400-500pesos each.

Bus fare: 200 pesos each(back and forth regular bus)
Habal-habal: 300 pesos each(back and forth)
Food: 200 pesos each
Entrances: 70 pesos each
If you are a commuter, you must have a budget of 770-800 pesos each.

Note: The budget is good for daytour only for these 3 destination.

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