Spend a Night at Adrian and Alice’s Place

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Are you tired of city life and you just want to relax with your friends exclusively? Then Adrian and Alice’s place is good for you specifically located at Barangay Lorega, Kitaotao, Bukidnon, Davao. A & A place is a hotel mix with modern and traditional type rooms/house that most cities don’t have. The ambiance is great and weather is cold even though it’s already 12:00PM. This place is good for family, friends or workers who want to go for team building.

From Davao City, you have to go to Ecoland terminal where there’s a lot buses going to different locations. From there, look for bus that is going to Cagayan De Oro(CDO) because it is one way going to A & A place. You can tell to the driver to drop you off to A & A place  because it’s almost along the highway or you can tell this to his assistant(kundoktor) or you can simply say Quarantine checkpoint and from there you can ride a public motorcycle going to A & A place which is 5 minutes away only from the checkpoint. The fare is 100 pesos(non-aircon) and 150(w/aircon). Travel time would take less than 2 hours.

We used motorcyle and gps to locate the specific location. Using GPS can help you as well to locate it.

The check point that we are talking about.

This is the front look of the place, it’s not that attractive outside but the great things here is inside.

They have a lot of room choices for you, check the photo below for more info:

These are the room rates including their contact information for reservation which we highly suggest. Luckily they shown us their most popular house, The Fernwood.

Photos below will be the inside look of this house.

Fernwood has the capacity of 20 people for 12,500 including breakfast but it can actually fit at least 40 people because they have extra beddings inside but exceeding 20 people would cost additional 550 pesos each person. There is already a bathroom both ground and second floor so no need to worry during rush hours.

You’re not going to be bored there because they also have a place to play like billiard, pingpong and chess. They also have 5.5ft pool where you can swim with your friends, a pond where you can relax and have a cup of coffee.

We stayed here for a day and enjoy their restaurant because they offer a great food in a cheap price plus the staffs are kind and accommodating to visitors like us.

This is their menu:

Note: Prices may change time to time.

Overall our experience was great for a daytour but it will be greater if we stayed up for a night with friends. This place is highly recommended not for daytour but for an overnight stay.

Expenses(We used motorcycle):
Fuel : 500(divide 3)
Our expenses each was around 400-450pesos for a daytour

Expenses(for commuters)
Fare:200(regular bus)
Your possible expense would cost 500 pesos.

Note: This expenses is for daytour only without renting any of their houses.

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