Quick Dip at Sonnen Berg Mountain View

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Sonnen Berg is one of the best place to have a mountain view at Baganihan, Davao city. You can witness the sunrise while relaxing in the 5ft pool. This place is the best during morning because of the cold and relaxing ambiance since it is located on top of the hill. Those couple who want to spend a night here, group of friends who want to witness the sunrise together, we will show you how to get here.

Quick History: Sonnen Berg mountain view was started last 2017 and open to public at the same year. The name Sonnen Berg was named after the owner, Kataleya Sonnen Berg. The place is quite new and still a lot of things to improve.


From Davao City, you have to go to Ecoland terminal where there’s a lot buses going to different locations. From there, look for bus that is going to Cagayan De Oro(CDO). You can tell to the driver to drop you off to Baganihan because it’s almost along the highway or you can tell this to his assistant(kundoktor) or you can simply say baganihan if you know where it is exactly. The fare is 100 pesos(non-aircon) and 150(w/aircon).

Take note that sonnen Berg is quite new and not that popular to the public so chances would be that the driver don’t know where this is exactly, the only land mark that is near the villa is the church of God. So we highly suggest for you to use GPS while riding a bys and the place’s entrance is to your left if you came from Davao city.

We use motorcycle going there and even though we are using GPS we still lost because the the tarpaulin of the place is very small as you can see the photo below.

It is not visible specially if the bus is too fast. The picture looks narrow but four wheel car can go through and there’s a parking lot above the hill for those vehicle users.

Entrance: 50 pesos/person
Overnight: 1,000/2person w/out breakfast 
                    1,500/4person w/out breakfast
Note: For overnight rate the room is included
For more info you can contact them @ 0947 761 1689

For those who wanted to spend a night here, photos below are the house where you will be spending the night.

We don’t suggest to take an overnight trip as of the moment because their mini restaurant is close due to lack of business permit but you can bring your food if you really want to take an overnight trip. To those wanderers that don’t want to bring food, there is a 15 minutes away restaurant along the highway. Wanderers with vehicle has and advantage because public motorcycle is so hard to find here.

This is the restaurant where you can take your meal. Jolken is specifically located at new Calinan,Bahanihan, Davao City. It is along the highway and has a big sign of their restaurant and i’ts not that hard to find.

Below are the inside look of the restaurant.

Their best seller is the buko pie costing 250 pesos and this is good for 4 person and sikwate(chocolate drink) worth 50 pesos. 

You can call Jolken for reservation at 0999-157-2012.

Of course we won’t miss the chance to taste their delicacies. There is a lot of things to be explore here and these 2 destination should be in your bucket list because it’s not a waster of time and money, instead, it is worth it.

Expenses(We used motorcycle):
Fuel: 500(Going home is included divide 3)
Entrance: 50
We spent around 400 pesos each to these 2 destination.

Expenses(For commuters):
Fare: 300(Back and forth)
For commuters you should have a budget for atleast 500-600 pesos to enjoy these two destination.

Note: The expenses is good for daytour only.


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