Epol Falls Adventure

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Epol Falls is one of many attractions in Marilog district, Davao city. This place is good for relaxing, soul searching and getting away from the stress of city life. If you are fond of nature, epol falls is fit for you.


From Davao City, you have to go to Ecoland terminal where there’s a lot buses going to different locations. From there, look for bus that is going to Cagayan De Oro(CDO) because it is one way going to epol falls. You can tell to the driver to drop you off to epol falls because it’s almost along the highway or you can tell this to his assistant(kundoktor) or you can simply say baganihan if you know where it is exactly. The fare is 100 pesos(non-aircon) and 150(w/aircon).

We went there using a motorcycle and we use gps to locate it and we highly suggest to use gps as well if the driver don’t know where it is exactly.

Note: You can bring your own food , cook or not because they have mini grill where you can cook your meals and lastly NO ELECTRICITY in the cottages or sockets so you have to do it in primitive way.

It is around 2 hours drive and after that you will see a small poster saying Welcome Epol Falls as you can see on the image. It’s better if you have a car or a motorcycle because you can explore more attraction there aside epol falls. There is a parking lot there worth 20 pesos but the entrance fee is ONLY 10 pesos. No need for a tour guide because the trekking there is one way but it’s quite rocky so you better wear shoes or sports sandals. 15-20 minutes walking and you will reach another entrance and another 10pesos to pay. The first 10 pesos is for the owner of the only entrance where you walked and another 10 pesos for the owner another main entrance and also the one that is managing the falls. 50 pesos deposit which is refundable for your trash and 50 pesos for the cottage.

The parking area where you park your car for those wanderers with vehicle.

Photo below will be the second entrance that we are talking about, the one that is managing the resort.

For overnight the cost of the house would be:

Small house : 107 each maximum of 6 person
Big house: 107 each maximum of 15 person
Tent: 27 pesos

We explore a little farther and a lot of trees(obviously) which is picture perfect. You have to explore the falls. What you see isn’t everything, there’s a lot of good spots where you can take good pictures there.

We went home around 3 PM and the experience there is quite refreshing and it did restore my energy to go back to city life. Taking a vacation here is a must because we’ve been here twice already and the place is not that crowded since only few people knew this place.

Expenses(We used motorcyle)
Fuel: 500(divide 3)
Food:100pesos each
Our budget is around 300 pesos each.

Expenses(For commuter)
Fare:200(back and forth regular bus)
Food:100pesos each
Your budget should be around 400 pesos each.

Note: This expenses is for daytour and fare may change as well.

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