Conquering the Matigol Falls

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Matigol Falls is one of the majestic falls that Mindanao is proud of specifically located at Arakan, North Cotabato. It is already a well known falls to the area but it is not outside the province. It started being popular year 2014 when social medias are starting to grow and photos of Matigol falls is being circulated through the internet. We’ve been here with my friends and I must say that this adventure is not for anyone and you will know later.

We used motorcycle going to the falls but for those commuters, here are some tips on how to get there.

From ecoland terminal ride a bus going to Bukidnon/Cagayan de oro. You can request to drop you off to Katipunan or crossing going to Matigol falls(they already know that). The fare is 150 w/aircon and 100 regular bus. The travel time is less than 2 hours. We suggest to bring your foods/meal before going to the falls because there is no near restaurant at the campsite.

The crossing that we are talking about is this:

From here there’s a lot of habal-habal(Public motorcycle) that you could ask to take you to Matigol falls camp site area. If you are using a four wheel vehicle, the only passable road is up to brgy matigol and there is an open court where you can park your car but people there are not liable for any damages of your car. From the court you can also take a habal-habal. The fare could range from 150-200pesos/person going to the campsite and another pay going back to the origin. We know that it’s quite expensive but there’s a reason why:
1)They will wait for you because there is no terminal up there.
2)The time travel is 30-45minutes but each minute is an inclined rocky road.
3)You’re the first and last customer they will have for the day.

Going to the campsite is already an adventure.

Some hikers that we met along the way.

Entrance Fee-35pesos
Tour guide – 300

Note: Tour guide is necessary even though you know the wat because it is one way to help the tribe living there. The tribe are also the tourist guide, they speak tagalog but more on bisaya(cebuano) dialect.

Featuring one of the habal-habal driver(the one with black shirt, just in case you are confuse)

From the campsite area to the falls, the trekking time would take 45-60minutes and another 30 minutes from the foot of the falls going back to the campsite. Take note that both have different route.

10 minutes away from the foot of the falls and from here the way is already slippery and muddy even though it didn’t rain for a week.

The foot of 500-meter falls! Your can take a short break or take your lunch though it doesn’t have a table, you have to be resourceful. Their rule is clean as you go in respect of nature.

Another 15 minutes trek going to the middle part of the falls because this is the best part of the falls. But this time, less walking but more on climbing because it is 70-80° trail and this is bad thing for first timers or not an adventure type person. But if you survive this, the result is pricess.

This is the best part of the falls where you can relax and relax and enjoy the mountain view, take picture and swim. The falls has these infinity pool illusion that’s why you can swim without worries.

Going back would take another 15 minutes but less climbing, I can guarantee that.

Conquering the Matigol falls should be one of your bucket list because you will forget your problems int he city life, meet new friends, exploring your capabilities and exceeding you limits(literally).


Expenses(Using motorcycle)
Fuel: 500(divide 3)
Tour guide: 300(divide 3)
600 each for daytour

Expenses(For commuters)
Bus fare: 200(back and forth regular bus)
habal-habal: 400(back and forth)
Food: 100
Tour guide: 300(divide the number of person)
800 each person atleast for commuters(daytour)

Note: Bring a powerbank because you’ll need it and lastly is that there is no signal to call or text but you can use your phone to take photos. Reservation is not required.

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